Punjab State Lottery Dear Diwali Bumper is now available and Baweja Lottery Agency is accepting accepting orders. Book your tickets today and pay through paytm, phonepay and google pay. Any indian citizen can buy this lottery and the draw of 2021 will take place on 08/11/2021.

Ticket Prizes

The Punjab State Lottery Dear Diwali Bumper is one of the most spectacular bumper awards this year and it consists 2 series that is A & B. The first prize is 4 crores, 2nd prize is 1 crore and 3rd prize is 90 lakhs, One can buy the ticket at a minimum cost of only 500 rupees. You can purchase 2, 3 or more lottery tickets at the same time. You can view results on our official website https://bawejalotteryagency.co.in/

Benefits of Diwali Bumper Lottery:

Some people in the world consider lottery, gambling, but it is not a gamble, but a game of luck, so that it fills your life with happiness. So you can buy tickets according to your budget. Every year the Punjab government takes a bumper and gives you the winner.
If you want to buy tickets, the easiest and most effective way is the Baweja Lottery Agency. It is an authorized distributor of the Punjab Dear State Lottery in Mohali, Zirakpur, and Kharar. They acquire PAN India for Punjab State Lottery tickets done by customers all over the world. You can also buy tickets online and offline. The Baweja Lottery Agency has changed fortunes for many, including more than 1500 grand winners.

Things which is necessary to know regarding the lottery:

Everybody is welcome

Baweja lottery agency is open for all the customers. There is no discrimination in the system that means the person can buy tickets from across the world.

Best plans to earn money online

This is a satisfaction game to make money online, and it is true. There is no corruption and favoritism within the process. On the other hand, this is an effective method for earning money online. Then, we recommend you buy simple tickets. And win the huge amount of rupees four crores lottery. There is nothing to be distrustful about the lottery. Thus, when you win the prizes, you will automatically receive the amount. So, this is a golden opportunity for you and your family. Don’t miss this possibility. We confirm that this can transform your life into a happy life.

Goods are developing

The expert and assistant of the Baweja lottery agency will less time purchasing the tickets-from your happiness home. They buy the tickets for the lottery for your sake. And then the duplicate tickets will be given to you instantly. However, the origin tickets will be getting through the help of via courier to your resident. They will inform you about the results of the lottery as well as of the winners. They are liable and responsible for this task, and you can trust them for any attempt.

Deals all types of lotteries

They deals with all the varieties of lotteries for what it is for small, monthly, bumper prize lottery. In this way, they provide the best opportunity for you. You can be the next winner. So, try it with a belief.


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